Computer security has become an extraordinarily noisy field.  Given the amount of money at stake, that’s not surprising.  There are hundreds of technology companies attempting to become the 800 lb. security gorilla. Amidst that noise, its easy to lose sight of fundamentals.

There is a parallel in the “good health” industry.  Hundreds of millions of people are declared to be obese.  Billions of dollars are spent in trying to help people lose weight and become healthy.  Unfortunately, the fundamentals of good health are given short shrift: eating healthy and exercising.  Getting these two extraordinarily fundamental rules of good health requires discipline. But, there’s not a lot of money in it.  Which is why there are hundreds of companies who attempt to sell the “secret of good health”.

Data-security suffers from a similar affliction.  While there is no shortage of companies who are willing to sell you the “secret to data security”, there’s not a lot of focus on fundamentals.  This site is about, what I believe to be are, the fundamentals of data security.

Who am I?


Arshad Noor.  CTO of StrongAuth, Inc., a privately-held, open-source company focused on cryptographic key-management since 2001.  You can learn a little about my background at LinkedIn.   Reaching me is not hard to do: arshad dot noor at strongauth dot com.

Looking forward to hearing from you.